About the conference

Nordes is short for an open network society on design research that started with the first Nordic Design Research Conference in Copenhagen 2005. In addition to organising the bi-annual Nordes conferences and Summer schools Nordes promotes the publication and dissemination of design research through the Nordes Digital Archive.


Nordes 2021 is the 9th biannual conference of the Nordic Design Research Society. Convened in 2005, the society is an informal network of people interested in design research. Nordes convenes biannual conferences and, on opposite years, biannual summer schools. The conferences and summer schools are hosted and self-organized on a voluntary basis by Nordic institutions of higher education, and the location of each rotates between the Nordic countries. Interest in hosting such an activity can be made by contacting the Nordes board or by attending the open ‘Commons’ meeting that takes place at each Nordes conference. In addition, Nordes promotes the publication and dissemination of design research through the Nordes Digital Archive.

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Organising committee

Conference chairs
Eva Brandt, Design School Kolding, Denmark
Thomas Markussen, University of Southern Denmark

Programme chairs
Per Linde, Malmö University, Sweden
Eeva Berglund, Aalto University, Finland
Guy Julier, Aalto University, Finland

Exploratory paper chairs
Canan Akoglu, Design School Kolding, Denmark
Salu Ylirisku, Aalto University, Finland

Workshop chairs
Danielle Wilde, University of Southern Denmark
Susan Kozel, Malmö University, Sweden

Exhibition chairs
Kathrina Dankl, Design School Kolding, Denmark
Eva Knutz, University of Southern Denmark

Doctoral consortium chairs
Brendon Clarke, Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden
Liesbeth Huybrechts, Hasselt University, Belgium
Thomas Binder, Design School Kolding, Denmark
Andrew Morrison, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway

Social events chairs
Merja Ryöppy, University of Southern Denmark
Jess Uhre Rahbek, Design School Kolding, Denmark

Conference producer
Anette Flinck, Design School Kolding, Denmark 

Design of visual identity
Stinna Hougaard Vinther Sørensen, Design School Kolding, Denmark

PR & Communication chair
Charlotte Melin, Design School Kolding, Denmark
Susan Grønbech Kongpetsak, University of Southern Denmark

Social Media Chair
Katrine Worsøe, Design School Kolding, Denmark

Annemarie Kortbæk-Sandal, Design School Kolding, Denmark
Jytte Susanne Møller, University of Southern Denmark
Susan Riber Hansen, University of Southern Denmark

Carl Emil Jacobsen, Design School Kolding, Denmark
Flemming Bech Thøisen, University of Southern Denmark

Session chairs


Students and volunteers