The NORDES 2021 exhibition invites you on a tour through the inner city of Kolding to explore this year’s conference theme Matters of Scale.

The tour contains 8 art and design experiments at 8 different sites that can be experienced live or on-line during the NORDES 2021 conference. At these locations, artists, designers and researchers are exploring the concept of “scale” through temporary urban experiments that attempt to create a dialogue between people passing by – and the site itself.

As audience you can take part in the exhibition by:


Taking part in an EXHIBITION TOUR – Monday, 16th of August at 19 pm


Taking part in EXHIBITION CONVERSATIONS Tuesday, 17th of August at 9 am



Exploring all VIDEO WORKS connected to each site:

Site 1: One Square Meter negotiates the terms of cultural and sustainable citizenship from the very specific perspective of a homeless man named Steve, who lived for years in the public parks of Berlin. Artist/designer: Ekaterina Feil


Site 2: I Am You uses bean plants and poetry to discusses the participatory aspects of community relations and context-specific modes of caring. Artist/designer: Leah Ireland


Site 3: Motion of Scales by Marianna Czwojdrak & Mara Trübenbach


Site 4: Scale the Change encourages debate on public and private actions and invites the citizens of Kolding to share their ideas and raise their voices for sustainable change. Artist/designer: Maria Candela Suarez


Site 5: Material as Playmate invites children and adults to take part in a playful installation in front of the public library; it explores play as a form of sense making and new forms of dialogue. Artist/designer: Karen Juhl Petersen


Site 6: Rewild at the station square, explores the possibility of “buying” parts of the city – for instance a pavement stone to replace it with plants – with the aim of rewilding the city. Artist/designer: Aymeric Delecaut


Site 7: m A c r o b i o m e speculates about a synthetic microbiome as a new lifeform that we can touch and smell in the tunnel under the railway station. Artist/designer: Alison Mariñas


Site 8: Forgotten Spaces brings us down to the waterfront and to the unknown and hidden underworld beneath the surface of Kolding Harbor. Artist/designer: Katharine Graham